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Black Quotes is a special unit of The Black Financial Group that quotes great Financial Rates from dozens of carriers. Rates for Life Insurance and Retirement Annuities.

Besides getting just great Rates, you also get guaranteed great Coverage and the best Fine Print. Plain and simple, some Companies just have better Rates and better Fine Print based on your own specifics. You deserve to know who they are and what they can do for you.

Is fine print important ? You bet it is. Some Companies make fine print so small that you never see it until it's too late. What you don't know can make a difference, a big difference.

For Life Insurance, regardless of your current health status you can get immediate, excellent coverage at excellent rates. For Retirement Annuities, get the best rates from the best Companies that put the most money into your pocket.

Call us at (877) 851-3279 (Toll Free) or Email us at or just simply select your request on this site's quoting box (request a quote). Your no hassle, no obligation quote will be sent to you asap. Just simply say "I need a Quote"

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